iPad Vs Android Tablet – The beginning of the Tablet War

January 1, 2012 § Leave a comment

As the new Apple iPad that Steve Jobs called a “magical and revolutionary device” was put into market, there are other big brands such as Samsung Galaxy Tab, Dell, Msi, Htc, etc, have been or are going to be put into the hot tablet market, which moderately leads a series of wars fight among the tablet producers.

iPad vs Samsung Galaxy Tab

Android Tablet

Among the tablet producers, Samsung Galaxy Tab is a famous brand that could fight against the Apple iPad, and the battle began when these two brands are in the market. So what are the bright features that they catch the customers” eyes? Firstly, the iPad has a capacitive touchscreen which is great than any other kind of touchscreens right now. Secondly, the iPad has a battery that could withhold continuously work for ten hours or standby for a month. And thirdly, it withhold at least ten thousands of software that one can download from App store to the smart tablet. But as the saying goes “every coin has two sides”, the great brand tablets have their advantages and disadvantages. One can unquestionably found that iPad has some weak points such as: no multitasking, no cameras, no flash, no widescreen, no detachable battery, no Gps, and the key points: it is very costly to some customers. But the Samsung, aside from its 7-inch display, the Galaxy Tab will highlight a front-facing camera for video chatting and will run Android 2.2, the most up-to-date edition of Google’s movable operating system. Some of the largest differences in the middle of the Samsung Galaxy Tab and the iPad, of course, will come down to software: Android and iOs are worlds apart in both style and function. Then the Samsung Galaxy Tab has these superior features that the iPad does not have: App support, Tethering, Flash, Full access, Full multitasking and Usb support.

iPad Vs Android Tablet – The beginning of the Tablet War

Big brands vs Generic Android Tablet

Some other Generic Android Tablet, such as Witstech A81-E, SmartQ V7, Moonse E7001 and Zenithink Zt-180 which are not so famous are also struggling for their survivals! They merge some of the advantages to their tablets and yield their dreadful productions. Because of that their tablets are not produced by the big-brand companies, they provide their customers with a much cheaper price, so they can Ant. Eject many customers especially those who can not afford the costly products. In fact, these products, on the one hand, have most of the functions the big brands tablets had, such as surf the internet, listen to the music, play games, watch flashes, read e-books, etc., and they can meet most of the customers’ demands except some extra ones. On the other hand, these beautifully designed tablets, not only more fashionable than the notebook, but also much portable. Although they are not as good as the big-brand tablets in quality, (some producers have claimed that their tablets are more worth of the title of “tablet” because their products have more functions whereas the iPad was a toy in their eyes), they are still worth buying! To some people’s minds, these kinds of products would win the middle class customers or more!

iPad Vs Android Tablet – The beginning of the Tablet War


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