Features Of The New Android 3.2

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The Android 3.2 is a new android movable applications box that is stacked with new and industrialized features that enables the Android developers to try out new substances. The Android developers can make use of the downloadable component of the Android Sdk. The downloadable format of the Android 3.2 contains the following:

Android Library

Android Tablet

System Images

Features Of The New Android 3.2

Emulator Skins

The Android 3.1 contains enhanced features that contain the following:

More range of Tablets

The main and industrialized highlight of this version is that it contains optimisation of the ideas that enables the users to get a richer and effective experience. Android development is done in such a way that it is compatible over a range of tablet devices.

Better and extended Api

It helps the users to carry on the screen size and compatibility of the Android powered devices. With the help of resource qualifiers and other attributes the users will be able to get a great control on the display features of their apps. The generalized size categories are no longer required and thus give great flexibility for the users to make great use of the industrialized features.

Fixed Size apps and their compatibility

The new version has great compatibility for zoom mode that helps the users to see the fixed size apps on any kind of larger devices. The new version supports pixel scaled rather than the original Ui stretching format for apps. The original format does not support the larger screens and tablets and other industrialized devices.

Direct download from Sd card

The main advantageous highlight of the Android 3.2 is the direct downloadable premise from the Sd card onto the applications that is required to support them.

Zoom compatibility mode

For great display of the apps depending upon the assorted screen sizes the Android 3.2 platform also supports zoom compatibility mode. This works in such a way that the Ui on a small screen area is then fully zoomed to fill the area ready for display.

Better Screen Support

The new platform also supports great screen visibility for the octant of the user. For this the space utilization is done taking into notice the smallest width and width and the height.

Screens smallest width refers to the minimum size of the screen that is measured in pixel units. In case of the smallest width refers to the width while in the landscape orientation it refers to the height. This is an important plan as the application considers this smallest width as the one that is required to draw the Ui excluding all the other screen space that is kept for the system.

Screens Height and Width refers to the horizontal and vertical space that is ready for layout design. This is measured in dip units.

New resource Qualifiers:

Android development in the new version of 3.2 has enabled great resource qualifiers. It helps in creating resource configuration that can be utilized for a single width or height or density that could be measured in pixels. It also supports the creation of overlapping resource configuration.

With so many industrialized features Android 3.2 is truly ruling the industry and has taken it by storm.

Features Of The New Android 3.2


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