There Are A Lot Of Low Priced High ability Android Tablet Pc’s Out There

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If you’re a fan of Tablet Pc’s but don’t want to spend upwards of 0.00 for an iPad or for someone else high priced tablet, then this facts is for you.

There are of course hundreds of Android tablet Pcs ready today. While we are mostly bombarded with facts on only a take few from big manufacturers (with equally big prices) there are places where you can of course get your hands on an android tablet at less than 0.00 with all of the features of the Apple iPad, or Samsung Galaxy tab – and then some. I’m talking about smaller brands of tablet manufacturers that work hard to bring some of the best technology for affordable prices.

Android Tablet

Here we’re going to take a look at 2 different models for comparison. One of them being the entry level

8″ android tablet, while the second one being a 10.2″ tablet that of course packs a punch, for less then 0.00. Lets begin.

There Are A Lot Of Low Priced High ability Android Tablet Pc’s Out There

First up is the Eken brand. This enterprise is probably one of the best known third party manufacturers because they were one of the very first companies to bring out an android tablet before any of the bigger brands even had their draft drawings done. They continue to bring our new models, with faster processors, and updated versions of Google Chrome. If you’re finding for a true entry level model however, their 8″ Eken M003 tablet is probably as good as it gets. At under 0.00 dollars at the time of writing, the M003 lets you caress tablet computing without the high price tag. Not sure if you like the form factor of a tablet Pc? Then why would you spend over 0.00 to try it out, when you can get an entry level model for less than half that price.

It comes with Android 1.6 (one of the earlier version of Android Os) and offers a fairly quick 300mhz Cpu, that is great for browsing the web and checking emails and reading your blogs. Just like the iPad is has built in WiFi so you can get online wireless anywhere there is a wireless internet connection available. What of course stood out for me with the M003 was the fact that for the very low price, it offered what the iPad did now – a built in camera, something virtually every iPad owner had wanted.

The second android tablet that I’ve had the satisfaction of using is the 10.2″ Flytouch 2. It’s a bigger screen, but also big on power. With a 1Ghz Cpu, you’re going to be able to run most games for this platform without any issues. The bigger screen, at least for me, is also a big plus, as I find that I am reading blogs and online news sites much easier, and having to zoom a whole lot less. The cost of a 10.2″ screen? Not much more. I was able to pick mine up for exactly 4.00 together with shipping. Still have the price of Apple’s tablet, and it too, comes with a built in Camera, Wifi, and even 3G is supported with the help of an supplementary external Usb 3G stick. It’s the one I use the most to be honest, both because of the screen size, and also because of the extra push that the high speed processor gives it.

What most habitancy don’t realize when they are shopping for this kind of item is that brand names are not, I repeat, Not the only thing you should consider. In fact, most of the offerings from the bigger names are crippled in some way, have slower processors, or have poor built in cameras. About the only thing they have going for them is that they can sport a big name on the front of the unit.

There Are A Lot Of Low Priced High ability Android Tablet Pc’s Out There


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