Aoc zephyr 8 Inch Tablet Pc spin

January 16, 2012 § Leave a comment

I recently picked up the Aoc breeze 8″ Tablet Pc, an affordable low cost tablet solution from Aoc International. This is currently the only tablet they have to offer so far, with an 8 inch resistive touch screen running on a Rockchip processor, I wanted to take a look and see how it handled.

First Impression out of the box is that for a low cost tablet, it is pretty well put together, feels solid and well made. The device offers a wide range of connectivity, including Usb Otg, Usb 2.0, Headphones and Micro Sd card slot (expandable up to 32Gb). Screen rotation works well (G-sensor) and the device has great functionality right out of the box. Here are my rankings for the Aoc breeze in each area of performance:

Android Tablet

Operating System: 3/5 The tablet is a modified version of Android 2.1, which is not the newest Os but runs and operates smoothly on the 600Mhz Rockchip processor. No major complaints here. Important applications are pre-installed, and Marketplace for extras is available. Runs web browser smoothly, Google maps, Email, etc.

Aoc zephyr 8 Inch Tablet Pc spin

Connectivity: 4/5 The Aoc breeze connects well with Usb to Desktop, Flash cards and host Usb for adding on potential webcam, 3G, etc. Although the breeze has an internal 4Gb storage, if you are dealing with a lot of high res videos, photos or a large quantity of music it is recommended that you buy an added micro Sd card (up to 16Gb is cost effective) to avoid running low on space.

Screen Performance: 3/5 Screen performance is what can be incredible in the 0-300 tablet price range – a 600×800 resolution resistive screen which doesn’t give me too many issues when navigating around. However, this isn’t a capacitive device, so you may have to press a bit harder than iPad-type screens or use a stylus pen for inescapable actions. Allembracing pleased with performance & it’s not a stubborn tablet to use.

Battery Life: 5/5 Very Impressed with the battery, persisting 6 hours for video playback or up to 12 hours audio! This surpasses other devices in it’s price range, where battery tends to be an issue.

Overall: 3.5/5 A great low cost tablet option! For whatever on a bit of a budget when it comes to movable computing, the Aoc breeze is a far good option than purchasing a knockoff tablet from China (gasp), or other “e-reader” types generally found in your local k-mart. It’s connectivity far surpasses that of higher priced tablets like the iPad, and the 8″ screen size and lightweight compose is in my notion exquisite for travelling and extreme mobility.

Aoc zephyr 8 Inch Tablet Pc spin


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