Htc Titan: Bigger Package, best performance

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Htc Titan is legitimately a giant of a handset. Aside from having a big 4.7-inch screen, it also boasts every feature that you would expect from a modern-day smartphone. Its large display does not only offer a very large display that displays websites and graphics with great clarity but also proves ideal for watching movies and television shows on the go. Its manufacture seems quite impressive but its new operating theory has yet to prove its success.

Design and Display

Android Tablet

Htc Titan seems to be an apt name inspecting the size of its touch screen display. With a 4.7-inch screen, it is practically bordering to the territory of tablet personal computers. It measures practically 131.5 by 70.7 by 9.9 mm but in only weighs 160 grams because of its super slim design. It also comes with the usual S-Lcd capacitive touch screen display that can hold up to 16 million colors with its splendid 480 x 800-pixel resolution. It also comes with an accelerometer for auto display rotation as well as a nearnessy sensor that automatically disables the screen when you press it against your face.

Htc Titan: Bigger Package, best performance

While the epic S-Lcd display was a pleasant surprise to most users, others were disappointed with Htc not being so adventurous with the manufacture of this new smartphone. It looks just like other movable phones Htc has created and the only inequity it has is that it comes with a bigger touch screen display. It has the same rubberized feel to the signature metal casing of Htc phones as well as an additional 1.3-megapixel front-facing camera for making video calls. Despite this small problem, Htc Titan still sports a sleek and slim manufacture that most users appreciate.

Performance and Software

Htc Titan runs on Windows Phone Mango, the most recent operating theory that Microsoft has released for smartphones. In terms of tweaks and modifications, Htc Titan seems to offer less applications than Android Phones do. However, it still provides useful applications and updates that users can find in the Htc Hub. It also comes with a 1.5 Ghz Snapdragon processor that allows it to accomplish better than other Htc smartphones. With its improved processor, you can now enjoy scrolling down lists without experiencing any lag. Pinching and zooming web pages is also plane because it only takes a few minutes to load most websites.

Windows Phone Mango will also allow you to originate group of contacts that you can pin to your home screen so that you can legitimately palpate them straight through text messages, tweets, or Facebook updates. This is very useful if you want to monitor how your friends and house are doing. It also has additional features that you can use to view your photos and videos on television straight through a Dlna connection. Despite these splendid features, Titan still has an suitable battery life of 410 minutes talk time and 460 hours standby time from a singular charge of its 1,600 mAh battery.

These are only some of the most splendid features of the new Htc Titan. Its build potential is second to none and its splendid 4.7-inch display delivers the crispest and sharpest images you will ever see on a smartphone. If you are mental of ditching your old movable for a new one, Htc Titan will always be a very sensible choice.

Htc Titan: Bigger Package, best performance


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