Browsing The Web On The Htc Explorer

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Being a allocation smartphone, the Htc Explorer may not have the high end specifications and cutting edge found as some of its more high-priced competitors, but if you are seeing for an affordable, easy to use smartphone, it may be the ideal option.

Browsing the internet is one of the most foremost features for many smartphone users, so in this record I will see how the Htc Explorer performs as a web browsing device.

Android Tablet

Without a decent means of connecting to the internet, a smartphone is all but useless. The Htc Explorer offers some options to connect to the net based on local network coverage. If you have entrance to a wireless network in you vicinity, you can enjoy the best possible browsing experience. This is because data streams from the internet relationship which is then passed straight through the router to wireless devices like smartphones and laptops. You can save the login details of wireless networks, and anytime you are within range, the Explorer will automatically connect. This method of connectivity is ideal, thanks to both its relationship speeds, but it also means that you do not use your data allowance of you are on a restricted data plan. The next best relationship is in case,granted via 3G connectivity. This provides data download speeds of up to 14.4 megabytes per second which is truly the same as it bigger brothers the Htc Sensation and Desire Hd. The data download speeds dictate how speedily web pages load, and how speedily the content on the page is displayed, so the higher the rate, the better the browsing experience. There are no complaints with the Htc Explorer in this department, as it is beaten only by the likes of the Samsung Galaxy S2, which offers 21 megabytes per second. By using your 3G connection, you can take advantage of the handset’s Wi-Fi hotspot feature. This essentially allows you to turn the phone in to a wireless router, which can be used to furnish a relationship to other devices like phones, laptops and tablets.

Browsing The Web On The Htc Explorer

Web Browsing Software
A smartphone can have the best internet connection, but if it does not also have a decent web browsing application, the user contact will not be the best. The Htc Explorer boasts the Htc Sense user interface which is the manufacturer’s practice Android Ui. It includes Htc’s own web browsing app. This has a straightforward and easy to use interface, which stores previously visited sites. Once you start typing in a Url, it will display a list of previously visited sites which match the text you are entering, so you do not have to enter the whole web address. Text auto reflow is an additional one thoughprovoking and innovative highlight of the browsing software. When you zoom in to read text on a website, the text will automatically be resized to fit the screen, which eliminates the need to constantly scroll to read text which is off the screen because you have zoomed. Being an Android smartphone, entrance to the Android shop is included as standard. This offers many alternative web browsing apps, with famed offerings along with Firefox, Opera Mini and Google Chrome.

There are of policy many more features which make the Htc Explorer a good all rounder, but its web browsing credentials make it an eye catching offering. Whether you are in the shop for your first smartphone, or you are seeing for a device which offer a good spec list but won’t break the bank, the Htc Explorer is worth a closer look.

Browsing The Web On The Htc Explorer


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