Smart Scheduling

January 17, 2012 § Leave a comment

Millions of smartphones are being used across the globe. An iPhone or an android phone, one of these devices will whether be in your hands or in your neighbour’s. Mobiles like Dell Streak and Galaxy Note endeavour to integrate tablets with mobile phones to cater to the consumers’ growing demands and expectations. Thousands of apps are available in the store for the iOs and Android platforms. These apps span all genres ranging from entertainment, travel, and relaxation to business, utility, and more.

Most smartphone users make good use of the calendar available by default. These calendars provide basic functionality like day, week or month view, scheduling appointments, etc. There are a few other calendar apps with enhanced features like integration with Google maps, task list display, customizable fonts and so on. However, these apps aren’t quite as useful as the online scheduling and appointment systems.

Android Tablet

Online appointment systems provide greater flexibility to its users. Business owner can program appointments and meetings while keeping track of the schedules of their staff members as well as those of the clients. Appointments and schedules can be shared with staff members and consumers. Coupled with online billing systems, online appointment systems add infinite value to any Business communication. Business owners benefit greatly as they can see the schedules of the whole office at one place, use these schedules to keep track of assorted appointments and they can also generate invoices online and receive prompt payments – all this with just a few clicks.

Smart Scheduling

As consumers continue to witness the smart features of smartphones, it is time to provide them with better and smarter appointment systems. Any Business owner would love to keep track of all the prominent appointments on his/her mobile. Smart appointment systems can be designed as apps for the iOs and Android platforms. These apps should have utility for both the Business owners and their clients. While the Business owners can manage their whole scheduling straight through the app, the clients can view their appointments and get timely reminders. Clients can book appointments at their ease and reschedule them as and when required. They can be in case,granted with greater ease of payment straight through such app based billing and appointment systems.

Online systems can be accessed well straight through smartphones; however, zooming in and out of the web browser can be very tedious. Apps are designed exclusively for smartphones and provide better interface and enhanced usability.

Mobile appointment systems are a perfect solution to the scheduling need of today’s businessman and his clientele. Such smart appointment systems can be used on the go. A businessman can take care of his program without logging on to a website straight through his laptop. He can program appointments and later sync them with his Outlook or Gmail calendar via the online system. Customers on the other hand, can be reminded of their appointments without the need to attend any phone calls. They can also use integrated payment services to make payments using PayPal or prestige cards even while they are traveling. What’s more, the appointment systems can also provide the customers with a virtual wallet by providing an choice to store their prestige card or PayPal information. This will avoid the need to re-enter any details for hereafter payments. These apps could also be well integrated with Google Maps and other applications.

In the near future, you might attend the dentist in a slightly separate manner. Your smartphone alone will enable you to book an appointment with the dentist, make any enlarge payments if required, you will be reminded about your appointment well in time and on your way to the dentist, the maps could well guide your path. In short, life would be much more simpler with mobile appointment systems.

Smart Scheduling



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