considerable Help To Find The Cheapest eBook Reader For Your Needs

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The store for tablet style eReaders and proper eReaders seems to be changing every second, with new and improved models being introduced onto the store constantly.

However this is a good thing for the savvy buyer as unlike when they first came out, you don’t have to pay hundreds and hundreds of dollars to get a capability functioning eReader, thanks to buyer inquire and heavy competition between the major players.

Android Tablet

These days some of the best products are available for under 0 and even if you bought the cheapest goods on the store you wouldn’t be sacrificing value or functionality.

considerable Help To Find The Cheapest eBook Reader For Your Needs

Barnes and Nobles Nook range and Amazon’s Kindle are no ifs ands or buts the best known products on the market, and perhaps the most popular. But there are no ifs ands or buts other brands on the store if you didn’t want to go for one of the top brands.

One cheap eBook reader alternative to the Nook or Kindle and one that has a great credit is the Kobo Touch Edition. For 9. It can’t take claim to being the cheapest eBook reader on the market, any way it is an affordable alternative to a Kindle or a Nook.

There is a more basic Kobo model as well the Kobo Wireless and while being functional it just doesn’t seem to cut the grade when compared to the Kindle or Nook on value for money.

One cannot discount the major players entirely though, as they are becoming increasingly contentious on price and it may be a surprise to some that the cheapest eReader currently is the Amazon Kindle.

In November 2011 the Kindle base model starts at for a 6″ wireless device (9 regular price with no discounts applied). Barnes and Nobles Nook 1st Edition is the next cheapest eBook reader going for .

These are the proper models however, with basic features. If a touchscreen reader is more your style then again, Kindle has a model at – the cheapest touchscreen around.

One up from that at 9 is the Kindle Touch with 3G again beating all other models to take the prize for cheapest 3G eReader on the market.

Although they may not come under the class of the cheapest eBook readers, some of you may be more curious in the newer “tablet” style eReaders, with full color touchscreen features, that go beyond the proper eReader devices and offer internet crusade capacity, capability to watch movies, download apps and listen to music all on the one device.

Barnes and Nobles Nook Color is one of the cheaper versions of these Android Tablets and starts at 9.

The Amazon Kindle Fire – the most recent Amazon Kindle on the store is also reasonably priced for the holiday season selling for 9 and is the cheapest of these color eReader devices.

Pandigitals Novel eReader is also priced at 9 and deserves more recognition as it is a decent alternative to the Nook and Kindle devices. Gift all the capabilities as the Nook and Kindle devices of internet, movies, apps and music it also doubles as a Pandigital digital photo frame.

Finding the cheapest eReader no ifs ands or buts comes down to your needs for your eReader. If all you want is an eBook reader without the further features of the newer tablet varieties, like internet browsing, then don’t waste the money on one of these newer varieties and go right for a proper eReader like the kindle or the Nook.

Or if you want a proper eReader but prefer a touchscreen, then pay that minuscule extra and get the kindle for .

In the end, it no ifs ands or buts is all up to you and the functionality you want from your eBook reader.

considerable Help To Find The Cheapest eBook Reader For Your Needs


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