Viliv X10 Android Tablet

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The X10 is an Android tablet expedient that comes with a 10 inch wide capacitive touchscreen. It has a high resolution of 1366×768. It also comes with many other applications. Some of them comprise a front camera, which allows you to take photos and images of places that you want to remember. The camera comes with an autofocus and hence you won’t struggle to take pictures even if you are an amateur. The camera also comes with image stabilization features which make it easy for you to take pictures even when the angle of focus is not so favorable. There is also a 1080p playback which essentially means that you can comfortably watch videos on the tablet. This tablet runs on the Android 2. 2 operating system which means that one can download many applications that are available in the Android market place. The Android marketplace contains many applications that one can customize and suit to their own needs. The tablet of course comes with its own preinstalled applications. Though in system you can download thousands of applications, in reality you can’t as not all the applications will match your needs. In addition, the memory space in your phone is not likely to accommodate all the applications.

The tablet comes with a Wi-Fi relationship which enables 3G connectivity. You can thus be able to way the internet much more conveniently. The tablet is also Bluetooth enabled. The wide screen of the display ensures that you can see images much more coherently and you won’t have to struggle seeing at them. Your browsing touch will be enhanced as the pages will not be compressed that much as in many Android tablets and smartphones. The Qwerty keyboard also ensures that you can type and key in data comfortably without applying too much pressure. Though at first it might be hard to use the keyboard, you will eventually conduct to get it right after some practice. There are also messaging services such as Im, Gtalk and Sms that have been enabled on this tablet. This allows you to chat comfortably and hence keep up with friends, colleagues and relatives.

Android Tablet

The tablet also comes with Google maps which when used with the Gps navigation services can legitimately help you to pinpoint a place. You can have an enhanced road view, town view or city view of a place although some areas can be restricted due to privacy issues. You may however be expensed for using this service. There is also a built n calendar that will help you to mark prominent events in your schedule. You therefore won’t have to plan events in a hurry in the last minute.

Viliv X10 Android Tablet

The large memory size of the tablet ensures that you can store music and videos without having to worry. The warehouse space can added be increased many times over with the microSd slot that has normally more space than the internal memory size of the tablet. There are speakers which are quite fine and headjacks which allow you to listen to your music uninterrupted. You can also order play lists and albums as well as buy digital music from music shop straight through the many media applications.

Viliv X10 Android Tablet


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