What Are the Advantages of the Nook eBook Reader?

January 25, 2012 § Leave a comment

Every day we read more about the emerging trend of eBook readers and how they are changing not only how we read but also the very nature of the book and publishing world.

The Nook is the favorite eBook reading gismo that is made by Barnes and Noble. While there are many other devices like this available, this one has quite a few advantages that are hard to find on other eBook readers. Let’s take a look at them.

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The best thing about this gismo is the lending feature. This means that when you buy a book you can lend it to your friend who also has a Nook for 2 weeks at a time. While your friend reads the book, you don’t have way to it. This gives you the same advantage as buying books which you can give to friends to read for a duration of time. This is a huge highlight that other devices like this don’t have yet.

What Are the Advantages of the Nook eBook Reader?

It has not only the electronic ink screen but a small 3.5″ color touch screen on the lower part of the device. This is where the navigation, keyboard, and other controls are. This gives the devices quite a bit of functionality since any controls can be added in the future.

This gismo runs on Android. There is the possibility of applications being developed for the nook taking advantage of the touch screen and electronic ink screen.

The Nook happens to have a music player. All the operate for this are done on the touch screen. This isn’t necessarily any good than other devices, but it’s a great highlight to have.

When you go to Barnes and Noble, you can browse any book there for an hour on your Nook. This gives you time to just sit back and read books on your Nook.

This does have a WiFi connection. There aren’t any splendid things that can be done with this at the moment, but in the hereafter having WiFi is a great advantage over not having it.

There is an expansion slot on the gismo for added memory. This will let you load applications and keep your data stored on it without having to use the internet like on some devices.

What Are the Advantages of the Nook eBook Reader?


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