Nook Tablet and Office Applications

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We all know that Android, a mobile platform is the prominent smartphone operating ideas currently. Office applications are prominent for working people. Good news is that with the availability of the Nook Tablet and Amazon Kindle Fire, more citizen are looking to do more with these e-book readers due to their economy prices. I would like to share my touch using those applications. There are six main applications but in this article, I will cover Documents To Go and Kingsoft Office.

DataViz’s Documents To Go

Android Tablet

This is one of my favourite “document manager” applications. I have been using this for quite some time on my smartphones and Apple’s Ipad. Currently, the Android version is ready in the Android Market. You can whether download the free version or the full version for .99. Just like on other platforms, Dataviz focuses on maintaining the traditional document formatting through their InTact Technology. With this aim in mind, you will not see degradation in your office document. It is very fascinating and looks awesome on your device.

Nook Tablet and Office Applications

This application starts up in a file browser page and you have the following options to gain passage to documents:

1) new files

2) Local files

3) Starred files

4) Google Documents

5) Desktop files

I personally like the gear icon on the lower right on the main page as it gives me direct passage to check for updates, view strengthen options, managing my desktop and others. It also comes with other prominent modules such as Word To Go, Sheet To Go, Slideshow To Go and Pdf To Go.

Kingsoft Office

This application is an office document viewer for Android platform devices. Again, you have the free and paid version. It includes three parts namely; Word reader, Excel reader and PowerPoint reader. Best part is, it supports many separate types of file formats such as .doc,.docx,.txt,.ppt,.xls and others. You can create, view and edit desktop documents created by Microsoft Word and Excel.

I personally love the cloud warehouse which allows me to save and share files amongst many computers through the online cloud service. When you start this application, the welcome page itself will guide you through its features. There are many icons and toolbars for you to navigate around this application. The only question with the toolbar is that it is too long and you have to swipe and pan your fingers over to see all the functions.

Some of the functions that I find useful are:

1) View all documents

2) Email a document

3) double an existing document

4) Send a document to the cloud

Other functions are basically creating and deleting documents, browse folders and view their help files. Same like Documents To Go, you have the Word, Excel and PowerPoint module. Sad part is, you cannot generate PowerPoint slides with this application.

Overall, Kingsoft Office supports external Bluetooth keyboards and things such as shortcut keys for quick text entry and manipulation. This can save a whole load of your time!

Nook Tablet and Office Applications


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