Why is YouTube Slow? Learn How to Fix If Your YouTube is Running Slow

February 8, 2012 § Leave a comment

Many frustrated users addicted to video streaming ask this question. Although the sudden slowdown of the giant video site occurs occasionally at the user side, citizen are clueless what could be the cause of this problem. It is understood no body wants to wait long for videos to load and then watch them especially if the videos are longer and are in several parts. Faster streaming is the need of every internet user. If YouTube runs slow sometimes then there are in effect some reasons behind that. Most citizen are not sure what to do in such a situation and make the videos load faster in YouTube.

Before I share the guidelines to deal with this speed slowdown I would request you to think of the reasons which follow in YouTube errors such as sluggish streaming, flash crashing in YouTube and other YouTube videos errors. There are two major reasons which follow in these annoyances. One is the qoute at the user end that includes Pc speed, Internet speed, Pc Windows errors, Pc programs disagreement such as Flash issues, while the second guess may be caused by the server or external internet traffic load. Although the web site is very effectively maintained there appear some troubles sometimes. This, however, is not a big issue as we all trust the services in case,granted by such a user amiable web site. The issue becomes serious when video errors and slow speed becomes a routine. This has to be something to do with the personal computer one is using.

Android Tablet

Here I am outlining some tips that will help you to make YouTube faster for you:

Why is YouTube Slow? Learn How to Fix If Your YouTube is Running Slow

* Start from repairing your Windows registry and fixing your Windows errors that come to be the cause of many browser and applications errors causing a disagreement situation.
* Test your computer for viruses and spyware.
* Run SpeedTest to test either you have adequate bandwidth available to smoothly play YouTube videos without causing the site to run slower.
* Disconnect your internet and then reconnect it to know why is YouTube slow and either it is because of the poor internet at your side.
* Disable ads through some of the browser plug in that will allow you to run fewer background services while you are playing videos online.
* Try to change your flash player version. Although the YouTube has started to stream videos through a new technology there is still a large number of web sites using the flash platform. So it is a nice idea to try to change the flash player version to play videos without crashes and error messages.
* Try to change your browser. One good browser to play YouTube videos is Chrome. If you have not tried that go for it. Also sense your Isp provider if they are limiting your bandwidth at definite durations of the day.
* Also recommended that you do the following steps if the YouTube is slow due to Dns connected settings:

Click start > settings > control panel > network connections > Local Area Connection/ Your default internet relationship > properties > Internet Protocol Tcp/Ip > properties > check the selection “use the following Dns server address” and use this address: preferred Dns Server: Alternate Dns Server:

Why is YouTube Slow? Learn How to Fix If Your YouTube is Running Slow


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