Play Hulu on Android – Adobe Flash 10.3 FIX

February 11, 2012 § Leave a comment

Play Hulu on Android – Adobe Flash 10.3 FIX Tube. Duration : 5.73 Mins.

Download the below link and follow instruciton in vid to enable Hulu streaming on your android. LINK: Hulu is the greatest thing since the invention of TIVO, but unfortunately as of now Hulu does not ALLOW streaming to Android devices. I use the word allow because your device is fully capable of streaming and playing Hulu. The problem is Hulu does not want us to stream to Android due to “security reasons.” Hulu enforces their policy by having Adobe Flash 10.3 (or which ever is the current version) identify your phone as an Android as you go in to view shows. Luckily for us, the talents at XDA-Developer’s have found a way around this absurdity. Basically they edited some of the core files in Adobe Flash for Android to identify the phone as a Windows operating system, thus allowing US to stream and enjoy the greatness of Hulu. Below is a video tutorial of the installation. Basically you will have to: 1) Uninstall your current Adobe Flash. (Sometimes if the phone came with Flash you cannot simply uninstall through the Setting – Manage Application Menu. In this case, follow the instructions in Easily Remove Carrier Bloatware or ANY App Using ADB Android Bloatware are application – Link: 2) Go to Settings – Applications – and make sure the “Unkown Sources” box is checked. This allows you to install apps on your phone from places other than Market (sdcard, email attachments, bluetooth, etc) 3) Download the FIXED Adobe Flash -dl

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