Where to Buy An iPad in Singapore With the Best Deal?

February 27, 2012 § Leave a comment

At the time of writing this article, apple have decided not to include Singapore as one of the country for worldwide shipping of the apple iPad. This is bad news since many Singaporeans are keen to own an iPad. I will share with you some tips to buy the apple iPad with the best deal.

The first tip is that beloved Singapore forums like hardwarezone.com or olx.sg have them. Go right to the classified sections and you should find many citizen there selling the iPad. Look through all the ads and find the cheapest price available. Some of them will leave behind their mobile number which you can immediately contact them.

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If they do not leave any contact in the forum post, you will need to register an account in that forum and then send them a underground message to indicate to the wholesaler that you want to buy the iPad from him.

Where to Buy An iPad in Singapore With the Best Deal?

Once the wholesaler gets back to you, just arrange a convenient time and venue in Singapore of your selection and meet the wholesaler face to face. Make sure you check the iPad thoroughly and it is working well. Do your due diligence by checking for scratches, cracks and any signs of defect.

The benefit of buying the iPad in this manner is that you will most likely get the best deal since the wholesaler do not own a physical shop and so they do not have to pay for rent and the savings can be passed to you,

Another tip is to buy from shops in beloved electronic malls like Sim Lim Square, Funan, Mustafa and Lucky plaza in Singapore. At Sim Lim Square, the iPad 16Gb Wifi model is retailing at about Sgd 0, and Mustafa town is selling from Sgd ,249. If both of these shopping malls have sold out the iPad and you cannot wait any more, you can still try to buy the iPad at Lucky plaza for Sgd,600 onwards.

The think for the high price of iPad at Lucky plaza is because it is a shopping paradise for tourists and so most customers are willing to pay at sky high prices since they cannot get an iPad back in their country.

Where to Buy An iPad in Singapore With the Best Deal?



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