Nook Color and Kindle Fire – Two eReader-Tablet Hybrids Compared

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Nook Color from Barnes and Noble has been one of the most former and affordable devices for electronic reading as well as performing other multimedia tasks until now. However, this fall Amazon introduced their Kindle Fire and the world of funds Android eReader/tablet hybrids has become much more interesting. Now it’s two full-colored touchscreen devices that straddle the line between eReader and tablet. In this report I will try to correlate these two competitors.


Nook Color and Kindle Fire both highlight simple create with a good holdability factor. They look pretty much the same, but Nook has its unique loop at the bottom-right corner. On the other hand, Kindle is a puny bit smaller (7.5 x 4.7 x 0.45 inches compared to Nook’s 8.1 x 5 x 0.5 inches) and lighter (14.6 vs. 5.8 ounces).

Android Tablet


Both gadgets can boast of high capability 7-inch Lcd touchscreens with the resolution of 1024×600 at 169 dpi and 16 million colors. They both look great in whether portrait or scenery orientation

Nook Color and Kindle Fire – Two eReader-Tablet Hybrids Compared


Though the Cpu is not such an important factor for tablet Pcs and e-readers, still the Kindle features a newer dual-core processor which is likely to accomplish faster than that of Nook. When reading or listening to mp3s you will probably not consideration any difference.

Operating System

Kindle Fire and Nook Color run Android but have their own rights versions of software and user interface. It makes it easier for average non-techie users to use these devices. However, industrialized users might want to root them in order to turn them in a full Android tablet and sideload applications instead of buying them. In this respect Nook seems to be a winner as it features a microSd slot with which you can run the hack and remove it to return to the former configuration.

E-book reading

Both devices are very good for reading in full color roughly under any conditions: in the sunlight and in total darkness. The screen adjusts its brightness accordingly to make the process the most comfortable. Fire and Color sustain favorite text/e-book formats and with their 8Gb of internal memory can store thousands of ebooks and text files.


It’s fair to say that Kindle is more of a multimedia tablet than Nook, as it supports more video and audio formats. Apart from Kindle books (including audio enhanced), this gismo can play music from the Cloud Drive as well as Video on Demand. It’s also potential to stream video rentals or free offerings which are available for Amazon Prime members.

Summing it up

The main features of the two devices are nearly the same: 7-inch touchscreens, customized Android Os, 8Gb of internal memory, similar size and weight, similar battery life (about 8 hours), same connectivity (Wi-Fi), same price (Fire is slightly cheaper). However, Nook Color features more former create and due to microSd slot it is more expandable/rootable.

Nook Color and Kindle Fire – Two eReader-Tablet Hybrids Compared


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