Who Invented The Cell Phone?

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The idea behind cell phones was conceived in the late 1940’s. The idea for a phone that could voyage with you was revolutionary but scientists believed it was an achievable idea. The Fcc didn’t help, however, in the starting and would not allot sufficient radio spectrum frequencies to make the scheme work. When the Fcc did ultimately cooperate At&T led the way researching how to make cell phones a reality. But who invented the cell phone?

A previous Motorola employee, Dr. Martin Cooper, is credited with the invention of the first transported phone. Dr. Cooper made the first cellular phone call in April of 1973. He called his rival Joel Engel the head of explore at Bell Labs. Although Bell Laboratories industrialized the idea of cell phones with technology originally used for transportation between police cars, Dr. Cooper who worked for Motorola was the first someone to use the technology in a transported phone that worked surface a car.

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The first cell phone invented by Dr. Cooper was called the Motorola DynaTac 8000X. Although it was technically a cell phone it hardly resembled the cell phones we use today. It weighed approximately two pounds and was a foot long. The first cell phone was so expensive, costing approximately 00, that at first only businesses and the forces had access to them. It took ten years or so before cell phones began to trickle down to the collective and after that the manufactures took off. Thanks to Dr. Cooper’s invention, other fellowships began developing their own cellular phone prototypes and cell phones went from being 50 pound car phones, to two pound movable phones, to three ounce multitasking tools. Although not originally ready to the public, the cell phone became one of the most beloved pieces of technology in a very short time. Today there are more cell phone lines than home lines.

Who Invented The Cell Phone?

Today Dr. Martin Cooper is the Ceo of ArrayComm a wireless technology and systems enterprise founded in 1992. There were movable phones ready prior to Dr. Cooper’s invention but they required heavy equipment and were not truly transported as they could only be used in a car and would only work over a minute range. Cell phones are considerable today and Dr. Martin Cooper will all the time be credited as the someone who invented the cell phone. Thanks to him we have the contemporary transportation network we enjoy today.

Who Invented The Cell Phone?


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