The Ice Cream Sandwich Vs Gingerbread

March 27, 2012 § Leave a comment

Released on November 17 2011, the Ice Cream Sandwich (Ics) is set to be the next big thing in the world of Android operating systems, bringing a completely different look to Android. The Ics (Android Version 4.0) promises to be compatible with practically every Android device.

The Ics claims to be very easy to use and it well does have some great sailing tools and makes searching for apps and the like on your hand set so much easier, but the Ics is not the only ‘next big thing’ to hit the market and claim to convert the ever-popular Android operating systems, because Google’s Gingerbread has also recently been launched and threatens to knock the Ics off one of the top spots on the consumer market.

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After having a detailed look at both the Ice Cream Sandwich and the Gingerbread systems I am tending to swing towards the Ics in general because it is much easier to use and is more widely available.

The Ice Cream Sandwich Vs Gingerbread


There are a lot of similarities between the two operating systems and although this is good in some respects, it can make it hard for the consumers to determine which one is good for them.

At the moment, both of the Android operating systems seem to work well when it comes to working hard to save your battery by windup down any apps that are running in the background and they both have a newer, faster and good keyboard that works even harder to enhance the predictive text function so you don’t accidentally type a word that could convert the whole context of the conversation and confuse things.

There does seem to be one thing that the Gingerbread is slightly good at than the Ics and that is helping you to save the battery. It will work out for you what apps use the most battery power and then its up to you to determine whether or not you want to stick with them and although this could be a good thing, it seems to me the Gingerbread theory is shouting ‘Look what I can do!’ and using up more memory when the Ics just gets on and does its job.

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While the Ics is available on most new handsets and can be downloaded on other older handsets, the Gingerbread operating theory is not as widely available and those with Htc, Samsung and some Sony devices are still waiting to use this theory that has been available for months and well before the Ice Cream Sandwich made its appearance on the market in November 2011, and users of the Lg, Motorola and Samsung phones are still waiting for an upgrade while the Ics continues to flourish.

Although the Gingerbread operating theory does work well and makes an exertion to save battery power, it’s availability is lacking and by the time the makers determine to make it more widely available, the Ice Cream Sandwich would have found its way to many more movable devices and made even greater improvements while the main ingredients are still being added to the Gingerbread.

The Ice Cream Sandwich Vs Gingerbread


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