Android 4 Tablets

April 23, 2012 § Leave a comment

Android 4 is the newest version of Google’s Android Operating System. It has been code-named as the ‘Ice Cream Sandwich (Ics)’. The Android 4 Os has been designed by Google to be used in both cell phones and Pc tablets. Google has mentioned that Android 4 brings together the best of both Gingerbread and Honeycomb, the previous two versions of Android, but also has new features that will make using cell phones or tablet a much richer experience.

The animations have been refined and enhanced to offer you a good experience. The most noticeable turn with Ice Cream Sandwich is the interface. In the new Android 4 Os, Google has tried to make the common functions more accessible which allow more natural and flowing sailing nearby the operating system. It might consequent the same ideas as the previous Android version, but the way it is used is radically distinct in a estimate of ways. The Android 4 is designed to work with buttons. Now to navigate nearby you will be offered three soft-keys: Back, Home and Multitasking. Multitasking has been made easier and more seamless, with the bonus of re-sizable widgets and customized home screens.

Android Tablet

It even offers the beloved tray feature which can be seen on all screens. If you will be using an Android 4 tablet that may at any point of time have many screens to flip through so if you have your favorites lined up to flip through will be a nice feature. An Android 4 tablet will now have good Wi-Fi and network connectivity and will feature which applications are using what data. This feature will be of great help for the habitancy who have a tendency of going beyond their network usage every month so that they come to know which application is causing the most data usage and can keep a check on it.

Android 4 Tablets

The protection has been enhanced a lot in this newest version as it will have the face unlock feature. Android 4 Tablets will take a giant leap, much ahead of the previous versions once launched. Well nothing has been decided or revealed yet, as in when is Android 4 Os being launched because it was only some time back that the Android 3 honeycomb operating ideas was releases. So the Ice Cream Sandwich operating ideas might take some time from now. But at this stage it seems that it is going to deliver on its promise.

Android 4 Tablets


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