Google+ Vs Facebook – Will Google+ Win?

August 11, 2012 § Leave a comment

The fact that Facebook has 40 times more users than Google+ could probably lead you to the assumption that Facebook is the all-time winner. But let’s think the following points, why Google, the expert enterprise of web, could also become the leader of social networks:

1. Users’ contentment

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Facebook updates its site usually and many users conceive of these changes as pretty annoying. Numerous Facebook groups and sites underline that disaffection. For example look at the new chat and messaging system. Unlike in the past, now you can’t separate your personal mails from your instant chat messages. Another point is the strange grouping of online contacts – offline contacts are shown in the chat bar.

Google+ Vs Facebook – Will Google+ Win?

How Google+ will handle updates and how the users’ reaction will be is unclear. Google+ is too young to make a prognosis. But according to our sense the Google changes are quite beneficial and unflashy.

2. Easier Groups

One big highlight of Google+ is the easy sorting of contacts (Groups). When adding a contact, you have to slide the sense into one of your groups (Google has some presets like Acquaintances, Family, Friends, Following).

It looks like Facebook felt threatened and instantly implemented a similar function: You add a sense -> select a list where the sense should be in.

3. Video Chats – Hangouts

Since lately Facebook extended the chatsystem with a new video feature. Trying to make this highlight work I failed completely. Now it seems to work fine and the potential is brilliant. No surprise.. Facebook uses a Skype integration.

Google+’ hangouts are similar to Facebooks, but there are some differences:

Google+ supports social hangouts – you can videochat with up to 10 people
Installation requires less clicks, so it’s a bit easier
Advanced hangouts sustain document and sketchpad sharing

4. Appealing article – Sparks

Add your interests and Google delivers connected article from nearby the web. In my eyes: still pretty confusing

5. Network- Omnipresence

You can see Facebooks presence on approximately every online gadget (Pcs, Mobilephones, Tablets) in the world. Reason: Nearly everyone uses it.

When fellowships advertise they don’t refer (as usually) to their homepage. More often you’ll find a link instead, which users can directly like and so share it with friends. Typical network effect.

And the last and most foremost (in my eyes) is:

6. Power

Google’s presence isn’t as conspicuous as Facebook’s is. But the word “Google” is even listed in dictionaries. When someone is looking for stuff on the internet he is automatically “googling”. In the year 2000 Google reached 100 million searches a day, now they reach over one billion a day.

Further let’s take a look at what Google does besides:

Android phones

So, when using one of these services you can get confronted with Google+ if you have a Google Account.

My prognosis

At the moment it’s hard to say that Google+ is the good network and will crush its competitor, Google+ is too young and hasn’t that many users. But if Google takes off the gloves, it can seriously construct as extreme social network.

The full container of internet services Google offers could be the crucial point that will make the users switch the network. Let’s see.

Google+ Vs Facebook – Will Google+ Win?


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