Android’s estimate One Enemy

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The Android Operating ideas for mobile phones has taken the world by storm. It has come up as the important operating ideas since its publish and has been sought out by roughly every mobile phone constructor on the planet. One of the contenders of the Android Operating ideas is the iOs by Apple Inc. This operating ideas is used exclusively by Apple products, most notably the iPhone.


Android Tablet

The iPhone is the acknowledge of Apple Inc. To the multitude of mobile phones which runs the Android Operating System. The first generation of phones by Apple was unveiled in 2007. Similar to other Smartphones, this phone has all the features critical for it to be determined as a phone as well as adding new features which are again exclusive for Apple products.

Android’s estimate One Enemy

The latest version of this phone has the application known as Siri. Siri is a digital personal assistant which a user can ask to do a multitude of jobs. Siri uses voice recognition software to detect the user’s requests and cross references them with Apple’s database. Any and all questions may be asked to Siri but the responses are minute only if the query does not reach a exact answer.

Apple’s App Store is also available on this phone. The App Store is application distribution software managed by Apple Inc. Only applications which are compatible with the iOs platform are allowed to be uploaded on the App Store. Since its publish in 2007, this phone has been enduringly receiving upgrades to be able to pronounce with other mobile phone producer’s models.


One of the advantages of this phone compared to other models is Siri. Siri was just an application created by Siri Inc. For the iOs platform while its conception. However, Apple Inc. Has decided to buy the ownership to Siri before they could publish an Android supported version of the application.

Another benefit is the 5th generation’s retina display. Apple boasts that the 5th generation iPhones have the largest pixel density of any phone available. Finally, battery life is greatly improved compared to Android running Smartphones. Smartphones running on the Android Operating ideas have the recurring question of having low battery life while the iPhone does not.


One of the disadvantages of using this phone is the memory. The built in memory cannot be wide unlike the Android Smartphones which can maintain a micro Sd card. an additional one disappointment is the sealed battery. Battery life in this phone is great compared to Android Smartphones but it would be better if the battery could be substituted if it runs out while accident situations. The biggest disadvantage any way is the inability of the phone to exchange data to the computers quickly. All Apple products need the use of iTunes to exchange their data, music, video etc. This can be very hassling especially if you do not carry your laptop regularly. They also only allow the syncing of data to computers registered to an Apple product. An iPod Touch only allows up to 6 computers to be registered to it. Because of this, users cannot go to group computers to exchange their data.

Android’s estimate One Enemy


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