Beyond the Brand Hoopla’s of Tablet Pc’s: The Android Tablet and Apple iPad

August 19, 2012 § Leave a comment

Often times shelling out the big bucks for products put out by important brands means you pay for much more than the product itself. More specifically, you pay for the super-pronounced advertising campaigns of exact products by their makers.

Somebody’s gotta pay for it and it ends up being the consumer. I don’t like it any more than you do, but that’s how it is. In this record we’re going to take a look at two important tablet Pc’s, breaking down their price points and what they offer.

Android Tablet

While the exact definition of a tablet Pc remains up in the air, a uncomplicated definition runs along the lines of this: a personal computer between the sizes of a Pda and laptop and oftentimes sporting touch-screen capabilities, with or without a stylist, and/or a keyboard.

Beyond the Brand Hoopla’s of Tablet Pc’s: The Android Tablet and Apple iPad

For the purposes of this article, we will take a look at two important tablets on the market, the Android tablet and Apple iPad. Will Apple’s star power run the show or, will the up and coming Android steal Apple’s thunder?

Screen Size: Though the Android’s screen is 7″, the screen size of the iPad measures in roughly 3″ larger at 9.7″. While 3″ may not seem like much, every little bit counts.

Multitasking: At first, this didn’t seem like a undoubtedly big deal until I understanding about the multitasking with my Pda over my 19″ computer screen. It’s nice to be able to run many programs at the same time and not have the gismo ice up.

Storage: Android touts a minimum storage of 8 Gb while the iPad ranges from 16 to 64 Gb of storage, depending upon your price point. At first behold Apple wins this, hands down, until you look at the issue of external storage, at which point the Android tablet is the clear winner with a Usb port where Apple decided no Usb port was needed.

Applications: With Android being so new on the store there is an confident disparity with regards to the estimate of apps available to Android users. But, as Android grows in popularity, as is happening possibly faster than anything anticipated, the great disparity is speedily shrinking.

Price: Hands down Android’s price tag of 0 is much more affordable than Apple’s hefty price of 0 to 0. For Apple’s prices you can go out and get a netbook or even a laptop while you’re at it.

While we all want to rush out and get the latest gadgets on the market, when it comes right down to it, the price tags undoubtedly carry a lot of weight. Let’s face it, money is tight right now. Are you undoubtedly getting all the bang for your buck? What features are more important to you and how much does their cost factor into your decision?

Beyond the Brand Hoopla’s of Tablet Pc’s: The Android Tablet and Apple iPad


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