The Emergence of Android Tablets

August 28, 2012 § Leave a comment

The wireless world has been rocked by the up-to-date inception of tablets and the wireless application development communities have gone into a frenzy coping with the query for applications that do justice to the overwhelming capabilities of these devices. The iPad is currently ruling roost with features capturing the imagination of users worldwide. But the tablet war is just heating up as newer alternatives in the form of Android tablets are in the pipeline and nearing launch.

There we try to rule what exactly these tablets possess to pose a threat to the supposed indisputable dominance of the iPad. Google’s Android is the platform that provides true multi-tasking abilities as compared to other platforms including Apple’s iPhone Os. Android application development has been able to make considerable improve in this segment. When it comes to movable application development Apple takes the crown without a doubt with over 200,000 apps in the Apple App market. The only issue that the iPhone application development community faces is the accurate approval process that military many an app dream to turn into ashes. Also Apple enforces a process in which the rules of approval are changed and previously stylish apps too are chucked out of the app shop because they do not conform to the new approval rules. It adds to the discontentment of iPhone developers. Another point that goes against the iPad is the absence of Flash which forms the backbone of most of the article on the web today. Non-iPad tablets advantage because of Apple’s exclusion of Flash. As sleek and compact, the iPad might be and as svelte as it might look, there will always exist a segment of users who would opt for more functionality, higher hardware configurations and better connectivity.

Android Tablet

The future predictions are pretty clear with dark clouds of intense competition dotting the horizon. The going for the iPad is not going to be easy in the time to come especially with industrialized tablets and movable application development, wireless application development and Android application development communities over the globe striving to supply better alternatives and a stiff face to Apple’s existing monopoly.

The Emergence of Android Tablets

The Emergence of Android Tablets


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