The Samsung Galaxy Note And Htc Titan Boast substantial Touchscreens

September 3, 2012 § Leave a comment

If you are in the store for a smartphone with a bigger than average screen, two options you may want to reconsider are the Htc Titan and the Samsung Galaxy Note. Both of these handsets offer both similarities and differences, so in this article I will look at some key features of both.


The Samsung Galaxy Note has the bigger screen of the two. At 5.3 inches, it could practically be classed as a tablet. The screen is without doubt one of the best features of the device, thanks to its whopping pixel resolution of 800x 1280. This makes it exquisite for watching Hd movies, playing games and viewing photos. The screen of the Htc Titan measures up at 4.7 inches, so it is a bit smaller than the Note. The resolution of this is a somewhat accepted 480x 800, but the picture ability does not suffer too much thanks to the smaller dimensions into which the pixels are confined.

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One of the most leading features for many when choosing a new smartphone is the camera. Both the Htc Titan and Samsung Galaxy Note comes with a built in 8 megapixel camera. The features of the two cameras are very similar with autofocus, and Led flash included in both, any way the Samsung Galaxy Note comes out slightly ahead with the expanding of touch focus, face & smile detection and image stabilisation. Also, the maximum video resolution is higher at 1080p (full Hd) compared to the 720p of the Htc Titan.

The Samsung Galaxy Note And Htc Titan Boast substantial Touchscreens

Operating System

This is an area which is likely to come down to personal preference. The Samsung Galaxy Note ships with the newest version of the Android operating ideas called Gingerbread, although it will retain the new Ice Cream Sandwich version when updates are released. Android is one of the most popular smartphone platforms, and its benefits contain a high level of customisation and downloadable apps from Android Market. The Htc Titan runs Windows Phone Mango (v7.5), of Microsoft’s smartphone Os. This is also the newest version, and it was one of the first smartphones released to showcase it. The amount of downloadable apps is not as high as the Android Market, but many find the ease of use of the platform a bonus. Functionality over flair seems to be the order of the day with Windows Phone Mango, and if you are a fan of previous versions then this is likely to be a best choice.

Both handsets have long and impressive spec lists, together with fast internet browsing speeds over both 3G and Wi-Fi, lots of internal storage for files like music tracks, documents, photos and videos etc. Both also have powerful processors, with the Samsung Galaxy Note boasting a 1.4 Ghz dual-core chip, whilst the Htc Titan has a 1.5 Ghz single-core processor, meaning that you can expect top operation from both.

Because these are two very distinct phones it would be unfair to say that one handset is best comprehensive than the other; any way there are a few features like the processor and screen which make the Galaxy Note stand out. Having said that, choosing in the middle of the two is likely to come down to personal preference for either the brand or operating system.

The Samsung Galaxy Note And Htc Titan Boast substantial Touchscreens


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